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Public Speaking

Ed giving a talk on pirate flags

Ed Fox can talk on a variety of different maritime subjects, has lectured audiences ranging in size from a dozen to over 100, and tailors each talk to suit the academic level of his audience.

Previous popular talks have included:

Piracy and the West Country, 1603-1730. This talk explores the correlation between pirates associated with the West Country and a more general narrative history of piracy in the seventeenth and early-eighteenth centuries. It highlights the activities of important local pirates, and their role in the international history of piracy.

By the Largeness of their Breasts; women and piracy, 1690-1730. Much has been written about female pirates in the early-eighteenth century, but in this talk Ed contends that certain errors of fact have been repeated, and have served to hide the true nature of women aboard pirate ships. This talk also explores the roles of pirates’ wives, women in port towns, female victims, and their part in pirate society.

Brixham and Dartmouth Royal Sea Fencibles, 1798-1810. During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars the Admiralty established a maritime militia force, the Royal Sea Fencibles, recruited from coastal workers such as shipwrights and fishermen. The success of the Royal Navy in keeping the French at bay meant that very few Fencibles units ever saw action, but one of the exceptions was that based in Brixham and Dartmouth. This talk tells the story of the unit from its inception to disbandment.

Ed is available as a speaker. Please contact for details.

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